The team from the German stand, were as in previous years, by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Heinrich Kreft and his lovely wife invited to the residence for coffee and cake.

Thank you very much for the invitation. We wish the Dr. Kreft and his wife all the best for the next few years.

The German Stand has taken part in the Bazar International since 1963 and the funds collected over all these years made it possible to support numerous humanitarian and social projects in Germany and worldwide. We always try to built up a personal link with the Associations we wish to support in order to ensure that our help is used to the right end. More information on the projects supported  by the German Stand can be found here.  

“Das Gute, welches du anderen tust, tust du immer auch dir selbst.” (Leo Tolstoi)

Susanne Baumert
Head of Stand

Christine Spillmann
Deputy Head of Stand

Contact:  Susanne Baumert,, Tel:  621 148 486

Our bank account

Deutscher Stand Bazar International
IBAN: LU04 0019 4455 9357 5000

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